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Trip The Light Fantastic

by Miriam Battye

Theatre West & Bristol Old Vic, November 2015

Once a week, in the back room of the Rec Centre, two men meet and dance. Try to. Try to get their feet and their hands and their arses in the right position. Try to find a bit of elegance, a bit of that lightness they've lost. Practice makes Perfect. Or at least, Practice makes Half Decent.

Jack's body is falling to bits. Freddie's head is. Outside of that room, they are strangers, products of different times, of different worlds. As they fumble their way through practice, the two men share their solitude, and the contents of their heads. They swear, they sweat, and find a strange sort of intimacy they didn't know they were missing.


A play about love, about loneliness, about joy and about dancing

Written by Miriam Battye

Directed by Nik Partridge

Designed by Rosanna Vize

Performers: Adam Farrell and Roland Oliver

Sound & Lighting Design: Keegan Curran

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