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The New Adventures Of Snow Mouse

Travelling Light and the egg, Bath Theatre Royal, Christmas 2016

Winter has arrived and the woods are covered in white. A boy hurries to put on his warm clothes so he can run outside and play in a sparkly new world.


Just when he is starting to feel a bit lonely he finds a sleeping mouse buried under the soft white flakes. Sliding, tumbling and laughing, they explore the snowy wonderland together, and keep each other safe and warm from the winter freeze.  


Come into a magical forest full of play, puppetry and music and join the two new friends on their adventures.

A show for children aged 6 months to 4 years. 

Directed by Nik Partridge

Performed by Gergo Danka

Designed by Edwina Bridgeman

Composed by Alex Vann

Puppetry by Marc Parrett

Lighting by Jo Woodcock

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