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by William Shakespeare

Filter Theatre 


Tobacco Factory Theatres, 2nd- 20th Sept 2014

As Associate Director


"Whence is that knocking? How is it with me, when every noise appalls me?"


Three weird sisters demarcate an area on stage. They operate a strange collection of electronic musical apparatus. Macbeth is invited in to play.


Playful, kaleidoscopic and horrific, Filter's radical version of Macbeth fuses Shakespeare's corrosive, psychological thriller about ambition, power, witchcraft and sanity with innovative sound and music to take you on a strange, funny and scintillating journey to the epicentre of the "heat-oppressed brain".


Company: Ferdy Roberts, Ollie Dimsdale, Victoria Mosley, Poppy Miller, Paul Woodson, Geoff Lumb, Alison Reid, Alan Pagan. 

Music: Tom Haines


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