Photo Credit: Paul Blakemore


by Chris Goode


Tobacco Factory Theatres, Febuary 2014

Written by the critically aclaimed Chris Goode, Infinite Lives is an erotic, numerical and technological journey into a world which is increasingly using the virtual to define itself. 


So you fall to your death. But you don't die. 

You just come back to life and you're falling. 

You're falling and dying and coming back to life and falling. 

And you'll never die. 

You have infinite lives. 


John's cat died a year ago. Now he's quit his job and is trying, somewhat unsuccessfully, to write his new gay science fiction novel. He's also become obsessed with an internet chatroom model. Called Carlos. He thinks. 


As the bit streams of data fly past and reality becomes ever harder to define, John is forced to question how much he is still in control of his own life. 


“Chris Goode’s play is like a beautiful thorn. It keeps on pricking at something already tender as it exposes the way we live now and our increasing feelings of disconnection in a connected world." 4**** Lyn Gardner, Guardian 


“An excellent piece of new work that needs to be seen.”  5***** What's On Stage

Author: Chris Goode

Director: Nik Partridge

Cast: Rayond Scannell

Design: Rosanna Vize

Sound Design: Timothy X Atack

Projection Design: Alex Wright

Lighting Design: Anna Barrett