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by Tom Philips


Tobacco Factory Theatres, October 2014


Simultaneously intimate and panoramic, Coastal Defences is an intriguing look into the country of Bulgaria, asking how far people will go to affect change in a culture that’s looking to the future whilst trying to hold on to its past.


Bulgaria, 2013. Anti-government protestors have taken to the streets and the last stretch of unspoilt coastline is under threat.


Caught up in these volatile circumstances, what’s left of two splintering families face decisions with long-lasting repercussions. Boyko dreams of owning a house with a garden; Tsveta is planning to turn her hotel into a hi-tech palace of gadgetry; and Lazar wants everything and doesn’t care how he gets it. Paul, meanwhile, is flying in from Gatwick to meet the Bulgarian Facebook friend who might just be the love of his life.


Coastal Defences lifts the lid on a country whose inhabitants fear they’re being edged off the map by corrupt politicians, mafiosi and foreign investors on the make. Three actors take us on a whistle-stop tour of this mysterious country, from passionate demos in beautiful Sofia to booze-soaked foam parties in Sunny Beach.


“a vibrant, humorous and well-crafted drama” 4/5 The Post 


“cleverly choreographed direction from Nik Partidge, and excellent performances from the cast” * * * * StageTalk


Writer: Tom Philips

Director: Nik Partridge

Design: Rosanna Vize

Cast: Nic McQuillan, Jill Rutland, Chris Bianchi

Lighting Design: Tom Richmond

Sound Elements: Timothy X Atack



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