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Set over the course of one night in London, Bluebird follows Jimmy, an ex-novelist turned minicab driver, as he carries his 'fares' around the city by night. Along his journey we encounter a variety of the odd humans who inhabit night-time London, from a philosophical Underground engineer, disillusioned with life and resenting the monotony of the daily grind, to Janine, a manic depressive former teacher, isolated and struggling to cope.


Like his 'fares' Jimmy has also become lost within the ambiguity of the city. The night in question sees Jimmy come out of hiding, face to face with his estranged wife Clare and the tragic circumstances of his past. Haunting, searching and at times bitingly funny, Bluebird takes us on a tender and compelling journey into the heart of London's fractured urban environment.


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010


Cast: Will Howard, Helen Coles, Nic McQuillan, Jess Price, Lily Knight & Matthew Weigold.


'the best production of my work I have seen by a student company' (Simon Stephens).



by Simon Stephens

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